Create your 'I Am' LOUD Statement


What is an ‘I AM’ Statement?

An ‘I AM’ statement is a way of communicating to others how you are LOUD.

What should include in my ‘I AM’ statement?

You should include statements about yourself that talk about who you are. for example, if you are a mother and being a mother is linked to how you are LOUD then include this! You should also include a statement about how you you are makes you LOUD. An example might be; ‘I am a mother. Being a mother has made me realise that working with others is the key to success!’

The essence of the statement should detail how you are or would like to be LOUD. You should think about the difference you want to make in your community or in the world.

Where do I start?

Think about how you are already LOUD. So, if you give a regular donation to a charity then include this in your statement. If you do not think that you currently do anything that is LOUD, then write what you would like to do, for example; ‘I am going to give regularly to charity to help change someone’s life.’

Then you could write about how you would like to see the World or how the difference that you will make by being LOUD will impact others. ‘I see a world where giving to others becomes second nature’ or ‘When I give, I know that lives will be changed for good’ are examples.

Finish your statement by stating your name, age and current city of residence. For example; “I AM Sarah. I am LOUD. (Sarah, 33, Manchester)

Then upload your statement to the website and you’re done! Don’t forget to add your picture to your i am statement.