#IAmLOUD: Karl

30 May 2013
Comments: 1
30 May 2013, Comments: 1

I am God’s own, husband, father and son. I mentor, teach and impart to impact. Strategy and focus are how I serve be it on boards or committees or wherever I can lead.

The big picture is always in focus and social impact always a goal but at the same time I am family man with passion a friend and brother in the Lord.

I am professor and sometimes a fool, I am a business man but down to earth, I am the chair but also the servant, I am fitness freak but unfit, I am straightforward in the main but complicated at the same time.

I am Karl. I am LOUD.

Karl, Birmingham


One response on “#IAmLOUD: Karl

  1. Pastor Wayne Ballakistan says:

    Karl exited to join again this year, see you soon. Greetings to your fam & everyone else. Looooooking forward, Ps Wayne (SA)

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