#IAmLOUD: Kisset

30 May 2013
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30 May 2013, Comments: 0

I AM an athletepreneur, passionate about the Kingdom, Sport and People therefore I always look at ways to merge these 3 interests.

I assist athletes and school kids who are talented in sport but cant afford tuition get full sport scholarships at some of the best sporting schools through my company Kyros Sports

I AM a volunteer as a Business Developer with a local Charity (in Hull), Shine Relief Trust who feed orphans in Malawi, I also participate in fundraising events like 50km Bike Rides for them.

I donate monthly to MacMillan Cancer

I haven’t begun to do a 1/4 of ‘my reasonable service’, I intend to be LOUDER, become more generous and help empower those less fortunate than I

I AM Kisset. I AM Loud.

Kisset, 28, Hull


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