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27 May 2014
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27 May 2014, Comments: 0

It is with regret that we announce that Jason Nelson will no longer be appearing at the LOUD 2014 Worship Experience on Thursday May 29th 2014. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Pastor Nelson who was booked to perform at LOUD following on from his performances in Birmingham and London, took the decision to return to the U.S.A earlier than planned as a result of issues not involved with, concerning or related to the LOUD Conference.

Whilst we are disappointed that he will no longer be a part of the LOUD Worship Experience, we are confident the event will continue to be a success with the artists who are performing on the night.

We understand that there may be those of you who are dissapointed by this news and as a result would no longer like to attend. If this is the case, please email media@loud360.org with your name and the email address you used to register (and pay) for a refund. Any money not refunded will go the charities/organisations supported by LOUD.

The Worship Experience will now be a FREE, non ticketed event and all are welcome to join us as we celebrate the launch of LOUD 2014 with a evening of Praise and Worship.

Click here to register for LOUD. (Registration is Free)

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